Feeds and Suppliments

///Feeds and Suppliments
  • Specially designed with an adjusted calcium/phosphate ratio, this calcium supplement is formulated for use in soft food and mixed seed diets. Adequate levels of calcium and phosphorus will be available in the correct ratio for most purposes like egg laying and rearing chicks.
  • Added carophyll at levels which allow your red factor canary to develop is maximum red color. Contains proteins and amino acids essential to building glossy healthy plumage, as well as vitamins, minerals and trace elements, making it ideal for use during moulting.
  • Scientifically formulated which help give your birds feathers that silky, glossy look. Additional multivitamins, mineral and trace elements have been added to correct any deficiencies that there may be in the seed diet of your cage bird..
  • Under times of stress, illness or with use of antibiotics, normal bacteria can be killed off, or over run with abnormal pathogenic bacteria that can cause illness and death. Probiotics contains specially selected, live normal bacteria to support and replace the normal gut flora of your birds.
  • A special blend of 13 vitamins formulated to suite most avian species. Used regularly as a dietary supplement, it will promote general good health all year round.
  • Our twin pack provides a wide range of vitamins and minerals in proportions to suit most avian species. With regular use, it will promote the general good health of your birds all year round. Easy to use, it mixes readily with most soft foods before being moistened.
  • Prevention of intestinal disease (E-coli & Paratyphoid). Immune stimulant, potent anti-oxidant.
  • Amino-acid, vitamin, mineral, trace element, Biotin, Beta-carotene and MSM supplement.
  • Designed to be fed in conjunction with seed diets, this nourishing, balanced formula will provide your canaries with all the vitamins, minerals, amino acids and trace elements required for these colorful little songbirds.
  • Specially formulated for the pet cage bird normally on a mixed seed diet that is short of essential proteins, vitamins, mineral and trace elements. With these added `feel good` additives, your song bird will display his zest for life in song.
  • A bright red pelleted ration for birds that are breeding and feeding young. Contains extra protein and fat for the higher dietary requirements during breeding season, this is a quick easy option for providing a fully balanced optimal diet.
  • A tasty, variety feast for your parrots and larger parakeets. This easy to use, just add water diet contains rolled and roasted (cooked) grains and peas with our special parrot/parakeet supplement already added. Add some sunflower seed/mixed seed for a food that supplies all your bird needs for peak condition.