If you have any doubts as to the health of your fish consult a veterinary practitioner.
We sell feeds and supplements suitable for all fish species that are balanced and appropriate for every stage of their lives.

Turf Pet Hyper stock a complete range of supplements and medications suitable for your fish.  Fish in captivity have been cut off from natural resources of nutrition, hence using a top quality diet and following the correct feeding recommendations are vital for their well-being. An undernourished fish cannot maintain its health regardless of the quality of its environment.

Feeding at the correct level is very difficult. Underfeeding results in slow growth while uneaten food pollutes the water. Fish should be fed 2 to 3 times per day, and the amount fed should be consumed by the fish in 5 minutes. No matter what the fish are eating, water quality ultimately determines the health of your fish. Ensure that your fish are not overstocked, and that the biological filtration system is working efficiently. This will aid in keeping your fish healthy and disease free.

We stock all the major brands of fish food in small quantities suitable for your tank or large quantities for your pond  Turf Pet Hyper stock a full range of  feeds, supplements, tanks and accessories. The range of products available in our on-line shop is continually being expanded. If the product you are looking for is not listed yet, please contact us for personal attention. Our range includes


Aquariums Tropical Fish Flakes or Bits
Glass aquariums Goldfish Flakes or Bits
Jebo complete aquariums Baby Powder
Lifetech complete aquariums Bottom Feeder
Juwel aquariums(with filter and pump) and stands Pond Sticks
Juwel aquarium light units and complete canopies Cichlid Food
Juwel aquarium backgrounds Koi Sticks
Filters and lights Koi Pellets
Red sea aquariums and starter kits Premium Koi Pellets
Red sea equipment and spares Speciality fish foods
Sonic air pumps 220v and battery Floating siamese fighter pellets
Aquarium filters Marine foods
Penn plax plastic tanks Tablet foods
Fresh delica which replaces frozen foods
Supplements Pond foods
Tetraplant plantamin
Iron rich fertilizer Marine watercare
Tetraplant plantamin Marine sea salt
Tetraplant crypto Medical remedies
Nitrateminus General tonics
Watercare and plantcare
Medications Biological algae control
Tetra marine watercare Test kits
Tetra marine sea salt Air pumps
Tetra medica remedies Cannister filters and spares
Tetra general tonic Filter floss
Tetra medica contraspot Filter foam
Tetra fungistop Hose
Tetramedica goldmed Aquariums and starter kits
Equipment and spares
Supplements Air pumps 220v and battery
Tetra watercare and plantcare Aquarium filters
Tetra aqua safestart Plax plastic tanks
Tetrafin aquasafe for goldfish Glass aquariums
Tetra bactozym Complete aquariums
Biological algae control Aquarium backgrounds
Background rock
NutraFin products Aquarium canopies
Freeze dried foods Aquarium backgrounds
NutraFin Flakes Fish nets
NutraFin Max Pellets Thermometers and hydrometers
Nutrafin Max Tablets Breeding accessories
Nutrafin Max Flakes Coral sand
NutraFin Pellets Aquarium gravels & marble chips
Nutrafin Tablet Aquarium cleaning aids
Vacation Feeder Plastic plants
NutraFin Goldfish/Koi Light fittings
NutraFin Speciality Resin decorations and backgrounds
Aquarium heating equipment
Tank Accessories Pond accessories
Pumps, filters, sand and plants Pond watercare