Firstly, if you have any doubts as to the health of your dog or puppy consult a veterinary practitioner.

Please note we do not sell puppies.

Turf Pet Hyper stock a full range of dog products. We sell feeds and supplements suitable for all dogs that are balanced and appropriate for every stage of their lives. Beds, toys and feeders are all available.

All dogs should be fed a well balanced diet that contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals. Adequate bedding and shelter as well as access to clean fresh water should be freely available. The correct diet is essential to the well being and longevity of animals.

Turf Pet Hyper stock a full range of  feeds, supplements, cages and toys. The range of products available in our on-line shop is continually being expanded. If the product you are looking for is not listed yet, please contact us for personal attention. Our range includes



Marltons dog treats Leather dog collars
Munchy chews Bulldog collar
Rawhide chews collars & leashes imported
Pig ear chew collars and leads with diamante
Hoof chew Nylon collar & lead sets
Rawhide chew Designer imported collars & leads
100% natural meaty dog treats Choke chains
Beef biltong Dog harnesses
Beef sinew Nylon collars
Chicken sausages Nylon web leads
Lamb ear Retractable leads
Local rawhide products Plastic carrier w/metal door
Lion bones plastic pet carrier deluxe
Chewmongous bones Pet suite kennel
Munchy wors sticks Port a crate
Rawhide pork treats Wire dog cages collapsible
Porky rope twists Dog cage
Porky rope bone `marltons` d wormers
Porky chops `marltons` dog shampoo
Dog treats `marltons` dog & cat insecticides
Duo malt paste `marltons` tick & flea powder for dogs & cats
Duo active paste `marltons` tick & flea shampoo
Super lekker dog `marltons` tick & flea dip
Good boy choc drops `marltons` flyrid
Chain leads `marltons` flearid
Tie out chains `marltons` tick & flea hamper
Jw pet gripsoft grooming aids Shampoo`s & deodorant`s
Dog grooming aids Dog doors and spares
Dog nail clippers Wash and get off spray
Dog tennis ball toys Get off my garden scatter crystals
Activity balls for dogs with treats Get off indoor/outdoor spray
Rubber toys Bitter bite – prevents puppies chewing
Jw pet premium rubber dog toys Odour free-bacteriacide & sterilising liquid
Moody pet quality rubber toy`s Bitch spray-masking spray for bitches in season
Humunga tongue Wine off-emergency liquid spill absorber
Penn plax dog toys Dog rope chew bones 100% natural cotton
Vinyl,plastic and nylon dog toys Boot cover black
Vinyl,latex and nylon squeaky dog toys Car seat cover black
Super squeaks large squeaky toys Dog leisure sheet
Sporty squeaks Puppy trainer spray 237ml
Fluffy/plush squeaky toys Pet food storage container rubbermaid
Skid stop basic plastic dog bowls single & double Pet food storage container rubbermaid
Dog bowls plastic Tea tree products
Plastic bowls Tea tree oil shampoo for dogs and cats
Stainless steel bowls Tea tree oil cream – helps soothe irritations
Anti slip stainless steel bowls Beaphar products
Embossed anti slip stainless steel bowls No love spray
Automatic food and water fonts for dogs and cats Puppy trainer
Pet & garden products Joint problems
Dog clothing `Beware of the Dog` signs
Ferplast dog beds Iam on guard` signs
Ferplast dog kennels Grey dog blanket – bordered in assorted colours
Dog kennels/houses Covered dog blanket/mat assorted colours
Dog and cat carry cages Dog blankets & foam dog beds
Dog dental care and general hygiene Imported dog blankets & mats
Accessories Imported beds & dog/cat carry bags
Identity tags Imported cushions
Beyond 2000 poop scoop