Firstly, if you have any doubts as to the health of your bird consult a veterinary practitioner.

All birds should be fed a well balanced diet that contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals. The cages should contain enough grit to satisfy their requirement and the birds should have access to clean fresh water. The correct diet is essential to the well being, breeding success and longevity of any bird. If a bird consumes the correct diet, it will remain healthy and productive throughout its natural life span.

Turf Pet Hyper stock a full range of bird feeds, supplements, cages and toys. The range of products available in our on-line shop is continually being expanded. If the product you are looking for is not listed yet, please contact us for personal attention. Our range includes


Marltons Prepacked bird seed Budgie/canary/finch cages
Budgie seed Blue ribbon budgie/canary/finch cages
Wild bird seed Cockatiel/lovebird/parakeet cages
Cockatiel seed Breeder/show cages
Garden bird seed Double cage with slide out tray
Parrot food Parrot cages
Wholenuts Indoor/outdoor aviary`s
Sunflower seed Aviary-extra large-solid roof
Mixed canary seed Monkey/macaw cages
Nutribird extruded pellet diets Parrot play centre`s/stands
Nutribird For large parakeets Bird cage spares
Nutribird Tropical maintenance Cage stands
Mynah foods Cage cleaning aid
Nutribird Toucan Aristopet cage clean spray
Versele-laga fruit and nut mixtures Bird cage perches
Prestige parrots exotic fruit mix Sanded sheets and cage gravel
Prestige special parrots exotic nut mix Imported pigeon & bird grit
Versele-laga noodlemix snacks for birds Bulk oyster shell grit
Prestige premium mexican spicy noodlemix Sand perches
Prestige premium hawaiian sweet noodlemix Feeders and drinkers
Seed treats Plastic bird feeders
Fruity 2 in 1 cuttlebone & mineral block Wooden bird feeders
Grape flavoured mineral block Stainless steel parrot cups
Strawberry flavoured mineral block Bird baths
Banana flavoured mineral block Bird bath with mirror
Bird supplements Hook on bird bath
Vitamin tonic Parrot toys
Premium seed mixtures Penn plax bamboo parrot toys
Prestige premium canary Bird cage accessories – mirrors – toys
Prestige premium tropical birds Ladder with mirror and bell
Prestige premium budgie Bird playpens
Prestige premium Australian parakeet Wood bird play pen
Prestige premium African parakeet Breeding accessories
Prestige premium parrot Budgie seed stick
Prestige premium African parrot Canary seed stick
Prestige premium Amazon parrot Cockatiel midi seed bar
Seed treats Budgie seed bell
Bulk millet spray Canary seed bell
Mineral snack with 9 minerals(corn) Cockatiel and parrot seed bell
Mineral snack with 9 minerals(bean) Cuttlefish & mineral blocks
Mineral snack with 9 minerals(col rice) Mineral block small with 9 minerals
Mineral snack with 9 minerals(variety) Calcium cup with 4 seed treat discs
Lava mineral block for birds Cuttlefish