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Firstly, if you have any doubts as to the health of your reptile consult a veterinary practitioner.

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All reptiles should be fed a well balanced diet that contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals. Adequate bedding as well as access to clean fresh water should be freely available. The correct diet is essential to the well being and longevity of animals.


Do Reptiles Make Good Pets?

It depends on the species of reptile. Most are not good for small children. They don`t like to be handled. Some reptiles will tolerate it better then others but none like it. It also depends on the age of the reptile. You will probably have a better chance of having a `friendlier` reptile if they are younger and get used to people at an early age. If they are treated right and their enclosure meets all requirements I believe they can be very good pets.


I Found A Snake/Lizard/Turtle Outside, What Do I Do?
Leave it alone. Do not take animals out of their natural habitat. They can fend for themselves. Taking them in and putting them in a tiny glass tank is going to stress them immensly. They wont understand that its glass and constantly try to get through it. They need very many things to live healthy and wild caught reptiles usually have more diseases. Just leave them be. Go and get a captive bred reptile. They will live much longer, be much happier and wont spread disease. IF they are injured or in need of medical attention and you want to save them. Then take them to an animal rescue. They will know what to do and know the treatments.

My Reptile Is Having Problems Shedding, What Can I Do?
First of all, you wont want to pull at it or try to take it off. Most of the time your pet can get it themselves. If you have shedding around the toes that wont come off, or a spike, or tail then draw up a bath. Just enough to cover the shedding problem but never above the head. Keep the water warm and shallow. Place your animal in the warm water and let them soak. Some will like it some wont. If this does not work take your animal to the vet. Shedding problems can cause a loss of toes, legs, feet, and other parts. Not to be taken lightly!